Fisting Inferno: Highway 2 – Blow Out


Fisting Inferno: Highway 2 – Blow Out – WATCH FULL VIDEO

It’s the middle of the night and Buck Richards and Andre Delta are returning to their abandoned shipping container to find Cazden Hunter just where they left him — chained up with his hole completely exposed. The two scruffed-up fuckers immediately begin having their way with their bound slut by tasting his sweaty hole, stuffing his ass with toys, and shoving a massive dildo down his young throat. With Cazden now on his back and submitting to the strangers’ every move, he loudly moans as that same oversized dildo stretches out his virgin hole before Buck uses his eight inches to bareback his wrecked ass. Buck mutters to his bottom that he’s going to cum and soon both of Cazden’s masters are unloading all over his used cheeks and face.