After a rough practice, Dale Savage is messing with Tony Orlando, whipping him with a towel in the locker room. Tony is sore from practice so Dale puts him up on a massage table and starts to massage his hole. First with his firm hands, then with his tongue, licking him deep. While Tony’s cock and balls hang low, Dale spends his time preparing Tony’s crack. Coach Dale moves his focus over to Tony’s mouth to ream him with a relentless face fucking he won’t forget. With his mouth freshly fucked, Dale switches it up again, moving back to Tony’s ass where he begins to work his thick fist deep into Tony’s asshole. Just like a glove, Tony’s ass clenches to Dale’s fist as it glides in and out of his ass. Switching positions, Tony lays back on the table to give Dale total access to his prostate with his fist. Coach Dale replaces his fist with his cock and fucks Tony hard until a thick load erupts from Tony’s cock.

Actors : Tony Orlando, Dale Savage

Categories : Big Dick, Fingering, Fisting, Jerk-Off, Oral, Rimming

Fetish Lover Compilation – Brian Bonds -amp; Drew Sebastian -amp; Axel Abysse -amp; Ashley Ryder -amp; Luka Sage -amp; Teddy Bryce -amp; Drew Dixon -amp; Tony Orlando -amp; Devin Franco -amp; Noah Scott -amp; Alex Killian -amp; Sherman Maus -amp; Dale Savage -amp; Josh Mikael -amp; Wrex Wylde

Horny gay studs loving to get their tight ass fisted! – View gallery

Horny gay studs loving to get their tight ass fisted! - View gallery