FISTPACK 29 – When A Man Needs A Fist


FISTPACK 29 – When A Man Needs A Fist – WATCH FULL VIDEO

Ryan Patrick waits spread wide open in our rear stable. Laying back on seed bags and barrels, his peach complexion glows so temptingly sweet. Ryan strokes his fat, uncut cock and his hole awaits attention. Race Cooper’s dark probing hands come into view and are magnetically drawn to into Ryan’s open thighs. ‘You gonna spread open my country hole?’ asks Ryan. Race nods eagerly and dives in, driving a few spit soaked fingers into Ryan’s ass while wrapping his lips around that sweet hard meat. It’s not long before Race has lubed up his hand proper and slide his muscular fist right past Ryan’s hungry sphincter. Soon, Ryan’s hole is stretched around Race’s glistening paw and Ryan moans in fist filled excitement. Race’s own dark, hard muscled body undulates with each thrust, plunging deeper into Ryan’s insatiable ass. The incredibly sexy sight of these two is a stunner! Race can’t believe his own eyes and the sensation of Ryan’s hole around his probing hand is so fucking sensual he can’t hold back. Race works Ryan’s hole for all its worth, opening Ryan’s beautiful pucker and filling it with hard, dark, arm muscle. He picks up Ryan up off of his back, pushes him down on the ground, and blows his creamy load all over Ryan’s beautiful face. Ryan lays back and returns the tribute. Whoa!

Actors : Race Cooper, Ryan Patrick

Categories : BDSM, Big Dick, Boots, Fisting, Oral, Restraints




Dominic Pacifico is at home with his tutor Devin Franco, trying to get some studying done. After hitting the books for hours, Dominic suggests they take a break to refocus their attention. When Dominic grabs his tutor, Devin goes straight for his students bulge and whips out his thick cock. Devin takes his time licking every inch of Dominic’s dick and hole before preparing to stuff him with some dick. Inch by inch, Dominic’s hole embraces Devin’s cock as it pushes on his prostate. Devin’s cock is nice, but Dominic wants more. Eager to give the jock what he wants, Devin works his fist deep into Dominic’s welcoming ass. After getting used to Devin inside him, wrist-rider Dominic rides Devin’s hefty hand however Devin sees fit. After an intense ride,Dominic gets on his back and jerks his cock while Devin pounds his fists in and out until Dominic erupts a fat load all over his leg.

Actors : Dominic Pacifico, Devin Franco

Categories : Anal, Big Dick, Fisting, Oral, Rimming




Hung jock Dominic Pacifico has had his hole busted out by his tutor Devin Franco, so now it’s Dominic’s turn to do the hole stretching. The clothes are already off and Dominic goes straight for Devin’s hard cock with his mouth. After fucking his pupil’s face, Devin bends over to bare his smooth hole for Dominic to lap up with his tongue. A few licks are all Devin needs to prepare his ass for Dominic’s raw cock. Inch by inch, Dominic pounds Devin’s prostate until the tutor begs for something bigger. Committed to his studies, Dominic lubes up and starts to work his fists deep into Devin’s eager gape. First the fingers, then Dominic’s hand disappears into Devin’s abyss. Alternating fists, Dominic handballs Devin’s hole in multiple positions. After taking a ride on Dominic’s forearm, Devin lays back spread eagle so Dominic can work on Devin’s prolapse. At Dominic’s request, Devin pushes out his bulging rosebud for Dominic to lick. With Dominic wrist-deep in his ass, Devin strokes his cock until a thick load shoots out onto his abs. Time to get back to the studying.

Actors : Dominic Pacifico, Devin Franco

Categories : Anal, Big Dick, Fisting, Jerk-Off, Oral, Rosebud




After a rough practice, Dale Savage is messing with Tony Orlando, whipping him with a towel in the locker room. Tony is sore from practice so Dale puts him up on a massage table and starts to massage his hole. First with his firm hands, then with his tongue, licking him deep. While Tony’s cock and balls hang low, Dale spends his time preparing Tony’s crack. Coach Dale moves his focus over to Tony’s mouth to ream him with a relentless face fucking he won’t forget. With his mouth freshly fucked, Dale switches it up again, moving back to Tony’s ass where he begins to work his thick fist deep into Tony’s asshole. Just like a glove, Tony’s ass clenches to Dale’s fist as it glides in and out of his ass. Switching positions, Tony lays back on the table to give Dale total access to his prostate with his fist. Coach Dale replaces his fist with his cock and fucks Tony hard until a thick load erupts from Tony’s cock.

Actors : Tony Orlando, Dale Savage

Categories : Big Dick, Fingering, Fisting, Jerk-Off, Oral, Rimming